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UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter

The best domestic line trimmer you can get!

Easy to use ‘Tap & Go” Nylon Line Head

GX25cc Engine

4 Year Warranty*


Product Details


Ideal for the residential user and home gardener, the UMS425 Line Trimmer is a perfectly balanced machine making it ideal for trimming garden beds and driveways. It features the Generation II 25cc Mini 4-Stroke engine, which means it runs on regular unleaded and is much quieter than its competitors. It is a domestic trimmer with a commercial engine.


  • Easy to use – Tap and go nylon line head
  • 360° operation – Fully inclinable operation for every application
  • Honda’s GX25cc 4-stroke engine – More powerful, easy starting & lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly – Less noise & smoke, lower emissions and fuel consumption


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